Immigration – What are your thoughts?

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Immigration – What are your thoughts?

Immigration a major news article the past weeks. We want to know what you think so please comment.

Donald Trump said somethings that to many Hispanics were very offending.  Today he clarified his position stating that Mexico is sending some people by choice that are bad. Other people that are good people are crossing the border. There are many good Hispanic immigrants that contribute to a great America.

We have Trump who is very outspoken, wants to build a wall, and control the process.

We have many Mexicans, who think that the United States are capitalists, gringos and don’t want the Americans living or doing business in their country.

We have some politicians, they are not sure what position to take.

There are some immigrants that have family in the United States and want to come, some that want a better life.

We think this is an important issue, we need some guidelines to give our officials. We need to give them direction. Won’t you help by giving us your thoughts?

Please keep everything clean.

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