Would you like to be a part of the largest, most historic Hispanic Network in America

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Would you like to be a part of the largest, most historic Hispanic Network in America

Would you like to be a part of the largest, most historic Hispanic Network in America? Imagine a million or 3 million man march at the State capital or in Washington DC!

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We are ready for 1,000, 5,000, 20,000, 1 million or 3.5 million plus members.  Our goal is to engage the 3.5 million Hispanic voters in the State of Texas.  This means, that we will have run other causes that effect all of the Hispanics, and Spanish dependents in Texas, and possibly in other States. But let’s focus on winning this one cause first.

However this is a good thing for the Spanish Land Grant Heirs.  As we add to our causes, our focus remains the same for the Spanish Land Grant Heirs and will be concentrated towards this effort.  But now we can help gain thousands and millions supporters of other causes and grow our numbers and supporters. This will have monumental impact on our votes and legislation.

This is exciting news for us because currently we have over 300 members they include, subscribers, members, followers and supporters.  We are moving to increase our paid membership which is relatively low.  We really have to focus on our low yearly membership fee and donations to make a dramatic footprint this year.

Our donation service has been down since we started, but now it is active.   Our administration team has worked with large causes before.  Several years ago, they purchased Actress Jessica Biels,  Make the difference network, and it was a very successful program for years. Her program had hundreds of thousands of projects, it was way to big. Our team began to scale it down so that the causes could have better influence, and let other organizations like make national campaigns.  Our team effectively created smaller local and state networks that helped charitable organizations.  Those infrastructures and organizations still exist today.

Now with this network we plan on asking support from other Hispanic celebrities and influential people. We are reaching beyond to rally nationwide support.

Because of this change we are updating our mission and our logos, after all we are ‘the voice of change”. We are going to start reaching out to all Hispanics and possible other causes (although those causes will be secondary until we win our rightful payouts). We wouldn’t be surprised if we become the the voice of change Hispanic network some place down the road, so we can help all the causes. 



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